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NCCQuickmarching into Excellence.

At present, the college maintains two companies of NCC Infantry, three units of Naval Wing and one section NCC Air. The students can join NCC in any of the three wings. The NCC cadets are issued uniforms and other accessories which they are expected to use with care during the training period. If any issued article is lost or damaged, the student is supposed to bear the expenses. All cadets are expected to attend a camp for which they are detailed. A heavy penality is imposed for absence from the camp without permission. Exemption from parade/ special duty will be granted by the Principal on the recommendation of the Officer-In-Charge. if such a leave is not secured before it is availed of, the cadet need not submit application later on as it will be automatically rejected.

NCC Incharge

Prof. Kamal Kishor( Army Wing)

Prof. Sanjiv Dutta( Air Force Wing)

Prof. Gaurav Sharma(Navy Wing)