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Co-Curricular Activities..

We very strongly believe that cultural & sports activities are an important part of academic agenda. Despite rigorous academic agenda, there is always a time for music, for poetry, for dance, for discussion, for dialogue with self, with innocent relaxation. Thus an attempt is always made to extract and polish the inherent abilities of students through various channels:

list_bullet The creative abilities are reflected through activities undertaken by various associations and departments.
list_bullet Leadership abilities are exhibited through NSS, NCC, Rotary Club and activities of the Deptt Youth Welfare.
list_bullet Various class teachers monitor interpersonal abilities.
list_bullet The GK abilities are taken care of through declamation, debate, quiz, group discussion, theatre etc.

The college is proud to have a strong department of co-curricular activities. In order to channelize, sublimate and orientate the creative energies of the youth, the college provides training to the willing and enthusiastic students in the following cultural and literary areas

list_bullet Fancy Dress
list_bullet Mime
list_bullet One-Act-Play
list_bullet Skit
list_bullet Histronics
list_bullet Mimicry
list_bullet Bhangra
list_bullet Giddha
list_bullet Classical
list_bullet Dance
list_bullet Poetical Recitation
list_bullet Debate
list_bullet Quiz
list_bullet Elocution
list_bullet Landscape
list_bullet Still Life
list_bullet Cartooning
list_bullet Collage Making
list_bullet Rangoli
list_bullet Clay Modelling
list_bullet Poster Making
list_bullet Sketching
list_bullet Flower Arrangement
(Dry & Fresh)
list_bullet Phulkari
list_bullet Folk Song
list_bullet Group Song
list_bullet Vaar Singing
list_bullet Group Shabad
list_bullet Bhajan / Shabad
list_bullet Classical (Instt & Vocal)
list_bullet Folk Orchestra
list_bullet Group Song
list_bullet Solo

For more information contact

Dr B.B. Yadav

CCA Incharge