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Health Helpline: Healing TouchAffilation

The College Health Centre is fully equipped for providing first aid to the emergent cases under the charge of a qualified medical Officer. It regularly engages itself for creating general awareness regarding health and hygiene among students and staff of the college with the help of visiting doctors from various specialties.

The following steps have been taken to empower the Health Care Centre all the more:
  • Appointment of regular dietician to thoroughly check the nutritional quality of meals served in the hostel mess.

  • Tapping of Reference Services to a panel of specialists in various city hospitals in emergent cases.
  • Providing of round the clock service to emergent cases.

Our College Health Centre has brought about help and succour to the ailing and the infirm. Led by a dedicated bunch of teachers, the college has created a kind of a record in inspiring the students and staff to donate blood to the needy. It takes active part in AIDS Awareness programme among the students and the community. It also actively collaborates with the NSS Department of the college for the Polio Eradication Programme, Anti Drug Addiction & Smoking Programmes and Tuberculosis Awareness Campaigns in the community & organizing free medical checking camps.



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