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Computer Labs

DAV College

The college is known for its flagship courses in IT and computers. It has carved a very secure niche in the IT space by building technical logistics and e-infrastructure. Our IT Labs are fully equipped to plug the academic fault-lines by catalyzing Science with Humanities and by empowering Commerce & Management with IT. The IT passouts from our college have created their own diaspora in the world. The college has become a virtual launch-pad of careers.

The college has the signal honour of hosting a number of National & International conferences, seminars & symposia on Information technology. A number of research papers, informative articles and compendiums on IT have been brought out by the highly empowered faculty of the Deptt of Computers & Information Technology.

Mind Venture Asst. Prof. Sunny Thukral
Zone of Exploration Asst. Prof. Balram Singh Yadav
Mega Trends Asst. Prof. Harsimran singh
Digi Den Asst. Prof. Sanjiv Datta
Brain Brusher-I Assoc. Prof. Vivek Aggarwal
Brain Brusher-II Asst. Prof. Sandeep Kumar
Soft Dome-I Asst. Prof. Puneet Sharma
Soft Dome-II Assoc. Prof. Kapil Goyal
Services and Facilities Provided in Computer Labs...
Facilities Provided
Eight hi-tech fully networked labs
Cyber Cafe
Smart Rooms
Research Lab
Department Library
Faculty Interaction Room
Staff Room
Ergonomic Workstations
Broad Band Internet Connection
Multimedia Projectors
Enviable Stock of Edu & Tutorial CDs
Heavy duty Laser & Inkjet Printers
Scanners cum Color Copiers
A Range of OHP & Other Peripherals
Student Information Resource
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Class Coordinators
BCA-I Semester (Sec A) Assoc. Prof. Sanjiv Datta
BCA-I Semester (Sec B) Asst. Prof. Nidhi Kaushal
BCA-III Semester (Sec A) Assoc. Prof. Vikram Sharma
BCA-III Semester (Sec B) Asst. Prof. Rama Bhardwaj
BCA-V Semester (Sec A) Assoc. Prof. Puneet Sharma
BCA-V Semester (Sec B) Asst. Prof. Renu Sharma
BSc(IT)-I Semester (Sec A) Asst. Prof. Sandeep Kumar
BSc(IT)-III Semester (Sec A) Asst. Prof. Harsimran Anand
BSc(IT)-V Semester Asst. Prof. Nidhi Kaushal
BMM-I Semester Asst. Prof. Balram Singh Yadav
BMM-III Semester Asst. Prof. Naina Handa
BMM-V Semester Asst. Prof. Manik Mehra
BMM-VII Semester Asst. Prof. Vinod Kumar
PGDCA Asst. Prof. Sunny Thukral
MSc(CS)-I Semester Asst. Prof. Puneet Sharma
MSc(CS)-III Semester Assoc. Prof. Vikram Sharma