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Mission/ Vision



... is to make our motherland an intellectually formidable power-house by creating a cadre of motivated and prospective individuals who become catalysts of change through education which is value and need-based, which is technologically driven, collectively-constructed and dialogically explored, which is globally relevant and yet essentially rooted in the matrix of Indian philosophy and its holistic world-view of vasudheva katumbkam....



....To offer a wide range of higher education in tune with the needs of industry, business and administration leavened by strong commitment to excellence and creativity in teaching and learning which is responsive to regional, national and international needs and aspirations...



Late Mahatma Hans Raj(1864-1938) was an indian educationalist of a disciple of Arya Samaj movement founder Swami Dyanand . He founded the DAV Schools System in Lahore in 1886, Where the first DAV was established.
DAV College Amritsar was established on Ist June 1955 in the sacred memory of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati along with the vedic tradition in the youth of contemporary INDIA.