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Innovation Lab


Innovation cell of DAV College Amritsar was established under Institution’s Innovation Council with the aim to foster ingenuity and creativity among students and faculty members. Innovation lab helps students to learn better as they are directly involved in practicals which enable them to retain more than what they usually learn in classrooms. The main motive of the innovation cell is to encourage experimentation and innovation.

In innovation lab, under the able guidance of teachers, students construct various working models using the available resources. They also develop their imaginative prowess by exploring the ‘what if’ scenario of every project.

Innovation cell under the aegis of IIC provides mentoring support to students as well as faculty members to nurture their innovative ideas. Seminars and workshops are organized to provide hands on training to students and faculty members. Various facilities which are provided by Innovation Cell are:

Access to expert/mentor support
Access to various knowledge resources
Access to tools and equipments

Some of the experiments designed by our students in innovation lab include the working model of spin coating unit, dc motor, paper speaker, Lissajous figures and many more. Students have built various electronic circuits with PN junction diode, transistors, LCR using breadboard. The students are also given training to solder and desolder various electronic components from PCB.
Students also perform various diffraction experiments in innovation lab. They have studied the diffraction patterns formed by using banana peel, human hair and the concept of diffraction grating using two razors.
One of the faculty members Dr. Vibha Chopra has patented UV sanitizer which is also displayed in innovation lab to inspire students to think creatively.

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