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Why DAV?

A large number of productive activities are carried out in the college for attaining the goals of grooming the potential prodigies,outstanding athletes and talented artists.

Teaching & Learning Tools
list_bullet Intensive as well as extensive class room instructions with emphasis on both intellectual excellence and enquiry.
list_bullet Cutting-edges given to academic skills by converting monologues into dialogues through seminars, interfaces, off-campus visits, interactive sessions and exposure to other non-verbal academic exercises.
list_bullet Student-friendly initiatives like diagnostic and remedial classes followed by reflective testing and evaluating sessions.
list_bullet Individualized instructions and test based counseling to make academics result-oriented.
list_bullet Multi-sensorial teaching by using emerging technologies - Simulation, Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), Computer Aided Learning (CAL), Internet, Multimedia, Digital Network - to produce new millennia learners and a technological savvy generation.
list_bullet Training through real-world case studies and analyses, field trips, live projects, demos, team presentations and interactive tutorials. Personalized monitoring by in-house faculty.
list_bullet Constant reality-check on academic quality and bench marking of performance through mock-tests.
list_bullet Commitment to inter-disciplinary projects. Stress on soft skills and net-etiquettes. Lab based projects with audio-video aids for preparing presentations.
list_bullet High standard and performance based assessments.
list_bullet Collaborative planning & professional development.
list_bullet Family & Community connections.