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Post Graduate Diploma Courses

1 Year Diploma Course

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

PGDCA is a one year diploma programme. It is a course in India for graduate students interested in Computer applications. The College offers the above diploma in consonance with the needs of the industry, e-management, e-designing and programming.

Entry Requirements for Admission to PGDCA
list_bullet Any graduate under 10+2+3 system with atleast 45% marks.

Course Sturcture

list_bullet PC Computing-I (MS Office) 2003
list_bullet PC Computing-II (Professional DTP)
list_bullet Fundamentals of Computer & Operating Systems
list_bullet Database Management System through Oracle-10g & System Analysis & Design
list_bullet Network Concepts and Management (Hardware, Software, setting in LINUX/UNIX/NT environment)
list_bullet Programming in C
list_bullet Introduction to Scripting Languages, Web Designing & Uses of Internet
list_bullet List of Optional Papers:

Option (i) : Programming in Visual Basic with ActiveX
Option (ii) : e-Commerce / Business
Option (iii) : Multimedia System
Option (iv) : Installation and Maintenance of Computer System