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Personality Development Programmes Self Enrichment

The college has entered into an understanding with Indus Quality Foundation(IQF), and RIMSE (Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education), Mysore to set up a quality centre at college. The College has set up a nodel centre for the students of the schools and colleges in and around Amritsar. Under these plans the college and IQF organize workshops and Yoga Camps, interactive sessions, group discussions, brain stroming sessions and brain-steadying sessions.

College Resource Centre From Blackboard to Web

The college has set up a Resource Centre which is being looked after by a Committee consisting of Deans of Sciences, Humanities, Commerce, the Registrar, Bursar, the Librarian, the Prof-in-Charge (Administration), and Head, Department of Computer Science. The Centre has arranged to establish an Internet Cafe where students and teachers can surf on various sites and download reading material. The Centre provides reprographic services to make the resource material available to the Faculty and the students. The Centre looks after other services such as printing of Papers, Assignments, Project Work, Seminars / Conferences material. Special arrangements have been made for searching the material from Periodicals, Research journals and Magazines. In our ceaseless endeavours to keep up the tradition of academic excellence, the centre also purchases the latest books, journals, magazines, CDs and softwares.